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Pixellence3 is the third generation Pixellence video enhancement, processing technology designed to remove moving pictures artifacts and improve moving picture video quality. Pixellence3 includes motion estimation and compensation, sharpness and detail enhancement in moving pictures, judder removal, film mode detection and correction, ghost reduction algorithms and also Pixellence2 algorithms; contrast, color, detail/sharpness enhancement and noise reduction technology. Pixellence3 provides natural moving pictures with all details and sharpness by having moving pictures enhancement technology. Pixellence3 provides clean and natural moving picture quality by removing judder. Pixellence3 detects film mode and does the required correction. Pixellence3 provides ghost artifact free motion compensation, where ghost artifact is generally generated during video processing of moving pictures. The plus of the third generation Pixellence video processing technology to second generation are enhancements on moving pictures which provide clean, natural moving pictures with all details.

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