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Pixellence LED TV is the local LED backlight diming and picture compensation technology which is developed by Vestek R&D. The first LED TV which is developed and produced in Turkey which’s all research and development had been completed by Turkish engineers. Vestel Pixellence LED TV presented to the end customer in September 2009. The main features of Pixellence LED TV are highest contrast ratio, energy efficiency and wide color gamut. Vestel LED TV has 5.000.000:1 contrast ration which is the maximum can be achieved with current technology level, high contrast ration provides picture quality like as real, especially reality of the black levels are fascinating which hasn’t been seen before in LCD TV’s. Vestel LED TV is an environment friendly device with up to 80% (60% in average) power efficiency. Thanks to the LED light source having 83% color gamut which provides most of the possible colors in real nature. With these features energy efficient Pixellence LED TV presents high contrast, picture deepness, real black levels, vivid and natural colors at highest picture quality level.

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