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With the convergence of existing hardware platforms that can perform multiple tasks, people have started to explore the notion of connected services and multimedia platforms. Recent developments in consumer electronics and the increasing interest in media consumption has resulted in systems where people can do more than one task, which was not possible 10 years ago with the given hardware, software and underlying frameworks. Connecting home devices and the internet has started to provide the possibilities of consuming multimedia content anytime and anywhere. This has raised implications and opportunities for both end users and for-profit establishments.

Widgets are (in)dependently developed software components that run in the VESTEK widgetTV application. Widgets can be used to provide fun, games, facts, and community features alongside TV content. A widget can be as simple as a web page, or as complex as any traditional application. Unlike traditional web pages and software applications, it lives inside the television.

The VESTEK widget framework combines stylish user interface facilities with data storage, access, and manipulation tools. Widgets can be given access to information about the current program being viewed, as well as interact with viewers via their remote control. There are many widget types, from interactive TV services to games, from EPG to Youtube videos.

VESTEK Widget Framework serves two technologies:

  • End users are provided with a set of widgets under the TV screen to visualize and play with different applications. The widget platform offers an interface to manage and layout widgets on the user interface. Several generic widgets are developed for elementary services, which are combined to provide more complicated services.

  • A scalable portal monitors and controls the live devices in order to help maintain a healthy device ecosystem: This is realized by building a portal which is also used to store device/end user preferences so these preferences are distributed to the corresponding device using only a PC web browser.

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