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IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) is a developing industry in aerplane entertainment business. There is potantial of captive audience in planes especially in overseas flights.

IFE serves as ana infotainment display for the passengers. It increases the brand value of the airline company while it is also a source of revenue for advertising and video on demand. It is a very powerful tool to inform and advertise passengers who has fastened their seat belts and have nothing to do other than sittin infront of a screen during all the flight.

In Vestek we develop the best practice for passengers to use an IFE system, while they are in the mood of traveling in the plane. Passangers segmentation, their inthusiastic behaviors and the brand reputation of the airline are the other things that are taken into account during the development of the appropriate user interface.

Vestek with the technology power by this userinterface supplies the best quality customizabe IFE system to airlines all around the world.

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