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One of the futuristic topics that Vestek is working on is IPTV technologies which is going to be the future of the televisions that we are using right now, with the capability that is combination of TV, computer, DVD (Blueray or else) and telephone. As being one of the poineers in IPTV market Vestek has a graet know how and products on this topic.

Vestek IOTV is a settop box capabil of reciving and transmitting data (broadcasting or else) over IP (internet) systems. Vestek is nominated as the owner of the bid of TTNET which is the company of one of the biggest telecom operator of Turkey, Turk Telecom to manufacture the settop boxes that Turk Telecom will use to serve the IPTV system to its clients. by 2010 every house will have at least one Vestek settop box to take the benefit of IPTV service.

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